Michales Letter

This is what happened.com by Michale Graves posted 10/31/00 6:01:13 AM I'm going to give you this story with no bias or bullshit My aim is to give you the facts surrounding the events that took place that has led to all of this. My intent is not to make anyone look better or worse then anyone else that is for you to decide. i just want you to know the truth........ I have read the update on Misfits.com. I "Unexpectedly didn't show up for the Canadian tour "because the band unexpectedly failed to get my work permits and then blew me off for two weeks. I have read the posts on the message board As for excuses........ Visiting Canada as a tourist is one thing. Generating thousands of dollars over a span of two weeks with your band raises a differint set of guidelines regarding entry to and from the country. As for the video "Scream?"....we all crossed over the borders as tourists. Once again, I can only offer you my perspective. It's Halloween five years later. This is what happened......... I met up with Billy Schoolbus driver and Doyle at the airport in Vermont. On the way back to the club from the airport, Doyle told me that the show was cancelled that night. I met up with Chud, Pat Drumtech, and Bob lightguy. Doyle, Billy, those guys and myself all went out for pizza in town. That was the night I was told the band voted twice in Canada to replace me permantely with Zolie. Doyle and Chud voted Nay twice. I also gained info that I was going to be fired at the end of the Halloween tour. Pat and I bought an ounce of pot . Noone had any because they just crossed the border.... we sold two separate quarters on the winnebego that night---- I moved into the crew bus. They've got playstation. Worcester: The band agreed to change the set back to the way we played it prior to the Canadian tour by replacing mostly vintage material with songs off American Psycho and Famous Monsters . Zolie singing with the band that night further added to the already stressed state of things. I did agree to two songs however I was patient regarding the spontaneous lengthening of the event. Doyle put my hat on to make me smile....it worked. Connecticut: I smoked pot with a couple of differint people that morning. Doyle his children and me , walked to Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee. Me , Chud and Doyle hung out with Jimmy Gestapo of Murphys Law for hours that day and ate really good sausage pizza. I thought it was a good show. Nothing terrible happened that day. Doyle rode on the schoolbus that night and we watched Spinal Tap. Washington DC Doyle and I spent alot of time together that day. We laughed alot. Chuds old drum tech Morgan was there with some of his buddies. They hung out behind Chuds rig during soundcheck and smoked a joint, i know because I went back there and saw them. Ok OK I took a hit.....But I didn't inhale, Anyway From what i know, Jerry at some point came back to drum world and told Morgan not to give Pat the joint. Morgan gave Pat the Joint- Pat took the joint-Jerry "caught "Pat Jerry was bent. Nothing was said to anyone I spoke to that night about the incident. We had a great show. My girlfriend brought us chocalate chip cookies to eat on our day off as we drove to Orlando. Actually her Mom made them for those of you thinking they were "special" cookies :) Orlando: We met up with everyone at Universal Studios. Pat had been paid in advance up until the Atlanta show which was four shows away. Kenny asked Pat if he could borrow 300$ to pay for admission for those who didn't have passes in to the park. 300$ works out to be four shows worth of pay. Soon after that.......... Jerry informed Pat that he was fired rather loudly and disrespectfully in front of one of those liitle vendor stands that sell beer. I had Budweiser in a bottle. Chud did not know that Pat was going to be fired. Neither did I Neither did Doyle I disagreed with Pat being fired because the basis of the decision had nothing to do with the quality of work or the ability to perform his duty. I spoke up because i believed Jerry was arguing from a hypocritical and bias point of view regarding his reasons for firing Pat. We all went our separate ways through Universal Studios. This next part is so childish but true I swear.... A crew member who is my friend told me that he was supposed to" keep his eyes and ears open" and report back ....I wondered off for awhile by myself. Later we all met in a parking lot at the Raddisson towers. We were to meet up in the winnebego to get dinner. We were delayed by events that further fueled my position regarding the firing of Chuds drum tech. Me Chud and Pat closed are selves in the bathroom of the Winnebego and began to smoke a joint. A minute later the kid from Universal we met opens the door. Jerry walks by to go in the backbedroom and the Universal kid stands in the doorway with us to smoke. Jerry peeped his head around the corner and events took place that even further fueled my position on Pat being fired . I voiced my reasons about my disposition . Then I asked Jerry why the band was made to vote for or against replacing me and why I would be replaced and why I wasn't even told about it.... Everyone has this idea that I CHOSE to miss the first two weeks of the tour. I would not have flown to Montana had I made the decision to stay home. was it true I was being fired? Yes it was. I was told I screwed up the set because I wanted to do new material. I asked why we shouldn't?? The reply was "that no one is buying my songs and the band should focus on what got the band here in the first place....the old stuff" I'm too "bluesy" on stage.....I asked Jerry what he would do if Chud didn't play or if Doyle didn't play and he said he didn't care who was in his band. I then learned of the plans focusing on the 25th anniversary, Jerrys wrestling career and the reunion with Glen, Thats when I decided that Halloween was to be my final show. I assure you every member of that band and the band manager knew of my decision. MTV; (glenns point of view) Next day.... Pat is told via one of the road crew that he is not to be on the bus that night and all his stuff will be removed if he doesn't do it first. The fact that Three members of the band wanted pat to stay apparently had no impact on the decision. I was later told it didn't matter anyway because it never was our band. Remember the circumstances surrounding the Misfits original break up? Glenn wanted to leave the drunk drummer in Detroit. And Jerry said that it wasn't right to do and he would rather have left Glenn?hmmm We went on stage and I announced right before "Crying on Saturday Night" that Halloween was to be my last show. I heard Doyle stop playing in "Doomsday" and thought nothing of it. We ended the song and I looked over my left shoulder...Doyle was gone. I went to look for him and the "guitar world" was empty. His tech told me that was it he walked off....I looked over to "drum world" and chud was gone....i saw Doyle pacing back and forth real pissed off backstage.....I in no way shape or form meant to disrespect anyones dedication to there dead friend. I did not walk off in a motion to quit nor did I ever say I quit to anyone backstage. Doyle and Chud walked off and so did I. Words were eventually exchanged backstage , I was told that I was "no longer in this band" and was escorted out by security. So was Pat. I stood outside of the House of Blues and sighned autographs while members of the road crew brought my bags to me from the bus and said goodbye. It was surreal. Chud and I rented a truck and drove 19 hours back to New Jersey . one more thing... As far as The Misfits go, this is where I say Goodbye I came from a band whos biggest gig was played to three people, my girlfriend and two other people including the bartender, never doubt that I am humble. never doubt that I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given. one more thing... If anyone actually buys the BS about me quitting this band for hockey two years ago you're crazy!so stop THanks for the memories...noone can ever take them away "We mosh and we fall We're one and for all it's just evil all of the time....."

Happy Halloween Michale Graves October 31, 2000